The Perfect Three-Step Guide on What to Do After Meeting Someone

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Not everyone in the workforce today considers themselves and extrovert or even adept at networking. But even though networking may be essential for your career, it doesn’t change the fact that meeting new people can be a daunting task when you’re not prepared or equipped. For shy and introverted professionals, it can be downright terrifying….

Will Virtual Visits Cut Healthcare Costs?

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On-demand, virtual doctors are an interesting point of conversation right now but will they replace face-to-face office visits or can they cut healthcare costs? What does virtual healthcare mean to the industry overall? It is important that we look into some of these things and how they will affect the healthcare industry that we know….

Why It is Time For a New Accountant in DC

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As businesses and individuals are working on their tax returns before the mid-April deadline, the accounting industry also begins to see an excellent opportunity to attract new talent. If you are a small but growing business it may be a great time to bring accounting in house. Or, you may need to add staff to…

Temp Employee Onboarding Kit – DC Temp Agencies

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Are you ready to bring a temporary employee onboard for a short-term project or to fill in for someone out of the office? You might think you have everything under control but there are things that can make your new temporary team member’s experience even easier. Here are a few items to make sure you…

4 Ways to Prepare for your Administrative Interview

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Employers know that not every job or every interview is one size fits all. It is important for candidates to also understand the different levels of preparation that need to go into different interviews. If you’re looking for an opportunity in an administrative role here are four ways that you can prepare for your next…

Hiring is Your Next Investment – Here’s Why

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Hiring should not be treated as an impulse purchase. You have probably experienced this scenario before. You meet a candidate who fits all of the qualifications and gives all of the right answers. This person may even remind you of yourself when you were starting out in your career. You make a hiring decision on…

How to Interview Candidates for Customer Service Positions

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With so much competition for highly sought after jobs, how do you know what to ask in an interview to determine the best hire for your customer service position? An interview should give you an insight to each candidate and ultimately prove that they possess the customer service skills that you need. Consider these tips…

Using Your Team as PR: Business Advice

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A 2012 survey by the Edelman Trust Barometer indicated that 50% of consumers trusted the opinion of a company’s employees. Only 38% said they trusted the CEO. Knowing this information it may be time to invest some of your PR budget into empowering your current team to become your best advocates. Here are some ways…