The Defining Moments that Shape Your Financial Career

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  A career in finance is a flexible thing. There will be several points throughout your career that will define you and impact how you perform in the future. It may be helpful to take a look back at these things or, if you’re new to the industry, see what others have learned along the…

Technology Is Changing Client Onboarding in Accounting

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Many people have thought for years that accounting isn’t the industry that will benefit most from shifting technology. But, even though the change is subtle, it’s already happening. And new trends in technology will soon reach a tipping point for the industry. With cloud technology picking up steam, it can also have major consequences, both…

4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Education

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Do you want to enhance your accounting experience through education? Before you start, it’s worth the exercise to look at all the potential options that can help you gain new experience and insight. There are solutions for continuing education at all price points, so don’t think there are only a few choices for your career….

5 Books for an Introverted Accountant

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If you’re introverted, you’ve probably spent a lot of your time retreating into the world of books. But this same escape can provide you with tools to be more confident in your accounting career. Books that help introverts thrive in business communities will give you an additional push to get you past hurdles in your…

Public vs. Private Accounting – Are You Ready for a Shift?

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While the basic background may be the same, there is a huge difference between a career in public accounting and private accounting. If you’ve been committed to one path or the other so far in your career, are you thinking about making the switch? What do you need to know about the other career path…

Skills and Characteristics of a Great Senior Accountant

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There are so many things to consider when you’re hiring your next senior accountant. You want someone who fits in with your office, but also possesses the right skills to do the job. Their skills and personality will come together to form the complete package. And once you start interviewing multiple candidates, it can become…

How Can You Develop a Great Program for Your Accounting Interns?

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Does your accounting firm offer summer internships for college students? If so, have you considered the structure of your internship program? Many organizations don’t think through the process of creating a strong intern program, which will benefit not only the interns themselves but your firm as well. Before your next summer intern starts at your…