3 Ways to Increase Your Accounting Employee Retention in 2019

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With the start of the new year, it’s also the beginning of the busiest time for accountants. With tax season comes a need for qualified, satisfied accounting employees. And often, the first quarter is filled with long hours and stressed out clients. Your new hires will need to be prepared, and so do you. So…

The Defining Moments that Shape Your Financial Career

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  A career in finance is a flexible thing. There will be several points throughout your career that will define you and impact how you perform in the future. It may be helpful to take a look back at these things or, if you’re new to the industry, see what others have learned along the…

4 Ways to Advance Your Accounting Education

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Do you want to enhance your accounting experience through education? Before you start, it’s worth the exercise to look at all the potential options that can help you gain new experience and insight. There are solutions for continuing education at all price points, so don’t think there are only a few choices for your career….

How Do You Shift from Accountant to Controller?

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You’re well on your way in your financial career, but have you decided on the next step? There are many paths you can take. If you’re currently an accountant, you may want to discover the right career path to becoming a controller. How do you start? What are the right decisions to make to help…

Is Contract Accounting the Right Career Move for You?

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Are you in the market for a new accounting or finance position? If so, there may be one avenue that you haven’t considered. Before you begin applying for your next position, think about the possibility of working a contract accounting job. Many people don’t realize what a great opportunity contract positions can be when trying…

Land the Best New Hires Before They Graduate

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Accounting talent isn’t always as easy to find as it was in the past. Huge changes in the industry are making this a very different job that it was for previous generations. So how can you find top accounting prospects in the current employment pool? The best answer is to target them before they even…

Accounting Salaries in DC: Where Do You Stand?

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Do you know where you stand in regards to a competitive salary in 2014. Conducting research into the best pay ranges based on the circumstances is a pillar of the job search. Here in the Washington D.C. area there are a variety of factors that can play into accounting salaries. Before you accept any offer,…

Accounting Career Options – Which Path Will You Take?

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Have you been pursuing a degree in accounting or your CPA? If you’re looking at the potential future for your accounting career it may be good to assess the different paths you might be able to take. Here are the basic Accounting career options and potential businesses available to you. Auditor. This is a great…