Change Your Mindset to Understand How Law Firms Think

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Finding a job in the legal field can be quite different than any other professional industry. Know that you are being evaluated every step of the way, even before you meet with anyone in the firm. This means that you need to understand how law firms think to better position yourself as the right legal…

Should You Consider Temp-to-Hire Status for Financial Employees?

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It’s tax season. That means you may have to hire more financial support than you need other times of the year just to keep up with the demand of your clients. What is the best way to achieve that goal without creating a difficult situation for yourself after April? Have you considered working with a staffing…

Understanding The Impact Of Bundled Payments

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With major changes facing the healthcare industry in the United States, many groups are considering bundled payments. This is a method used to reimburse healthcare providers based on the expected costs for episodes of care. It lies somewhere between the fee for service model most hospitals and physicians use today and capitation, where patients pay…

Make Networking Easier

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While networking is considered essential for a successful job search, it can be one of the most difficult skills to master. Many people feel uncomfortable meeting new professional contacts. Fear and social anxiety can keep you from making the most critical connections that can help you with your next job opportunity. So how can you…

Motivational Tips For Your Nursing Team

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Employee motivation and retention are hot topics in healthcare today. The future of the industry means that nurses will be in demand, and it is cheaper and easier to keep your current team happy than hire an entirely new nursing staff. Here are some practical tips for keeping your nursing team motivated and engaged on…

Top 4 LinkedIn Groups to source for Accounting Professionals in DC

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LinkedIn is the premier online source for professional networking. Job seekers are creating profiles to help them with their search and recruiters and hiring managers are connecting with professionals who can bring much needed skills to their businesses. One of the best ways for professionals and hiring managers to connect is through the LinkedIn groups….