How to Handle the Law Client with All the Answers

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Everyone in the legal field knows what it is like to deal with the know-it-all client. These are individuals who feel they know more than you do, in spite of the fact that you’ve acquired years of knowledge and experience about the law. Rather than letting you provide the skills they’ve hired you to provide,…

Understanding What Healthcare Recruiters Look for in Nursing Candidates

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Working with a healthcare recruiting specialist is often the most important tool in a nurse’s toolbox. Recruiters  hold the keys to the best healthcare job opportunities, so it is important to know how to impress them as much as you want to impress a hiring manager. They develop long-term relationships with healthcare facilities and can…

How to Help Others When Networking

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One of the best lessons we’ve ever learned about networking is to view each new contact as a person you can help rather than a person who can help you. If you have an attitude of giving, you will find that your interactions will be more satisfying in the long run. When you help others,…

Is Your Resume Ready for 2016?

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As we stare 2016 right in the face, there is no better time to update your resume to make it ready for your job search in the New Year. Your resume is often the one document that stands between you and an interview. So what can you do to make sure your resume is picture…

How Can Lawyers Learn from Paul Ryan and the Work/Life Balance Debate?

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Earlier this year, as the Speaker of the House position remained vacant, Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan finally raised his hand. However, he made his acceptance of the role conditional. He refused to give up time with his family. While the debate about work/life balance has been raging for some time, the high-profile declaration has ignited…

Rock Your Next Video Interview to Land the Job

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Have you been asked to participate in a video interview? If you haven’t yet, you will be soon – whether you are a jobseeker or a current employee. More and more companies are turning to online video technology to conduct interviews for their open positions. While many of the same concepts apply, there are ways…

Help Millennial Accountants Adjust to the Industry

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The workforce is changing. As Baby Boomer accountants finally retire from their careers, millennials are filling the gaps. But how should millennials acclimate themselves to the accounting industry? Alternately, how can the accounting industry adapt to better suit millennials? While the accountants of the past worked more behind the scenes; that is not today’s industry….