Paralegal Management: How to Improve Productivity and Save Cash

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In most situations the management of a paralegal employee is given to attorneys, office managers, or the Human Resources department. However, there is some wisdom in hiring someone whose only job is to manage your paralegal staff. Consider hiring paralegal management and improve your office productivity. Here are some things to consider. Review your staff….

Managing Your Office Data Entry

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Data entry is essential to a successful business but can often fall through the cracks. How can you manage your data entry process to make sure everything is taken care of effectively and efficiently? Here are some professional tips for managing your data entry processes. Create batches and control sheets. If you are staring down…

Retaining Upset Office Employees | DC Staffing Agencies

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A previously excellent employee is starting to falter. Their performance has become sub-par and they are no longer engaged in the company culture. These are telltale signs of an unhappy or upset employee. Now is the time, before the employee quits or before you feel it’s necessary to let them go, to solve the problem….

Choosing the Right Nursing Career

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Nursing is not a simple or singular profession. Each individual has a potential career path that can take them in a number of different directions. Did you get into nursing because you like helping people? Or do you prefer the back office where you can make a difference by organizing information? Here is a short…

Pushy Job Seekers Will Fail

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There is a fine line between good follow up skills and being pushy. Hiring managers become concerned about candidates who act overly eager or appear desperate while searching for a job. Before your next interview it may be time to evaluate your priorities and whether or not you are selling yourself correctly. Before you give…

Managing Your Recruitment Strategy

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American companies are looking at big growth numbers starting in 2013 as the economy continues to climb its way out of the recession. When your company is ready to add talent to your team how do you maximize your recruiting strategy and make the best of your time and resources? Here are four ways you…