Remote Work Sounds Fun. But Is It the Right Answer?

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You’ve probably heard a lot about remote work lately. Many people, and companies, are embracing the idea of working from home. It sounds like a great deal, right? Companies can reduce their overhead by hiring only a team of remote workers who can remain connected through technology. But just because you can, does it mean…

Social Media Will Find Your Next Job

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The truth about today’s job market is that social media is not a passing fad. More and more job seekers are finding their next opportunity through social media. You may not know how to leverage your profiles or want to be public on the internet, but there are some things you need to have in…

5 Ways to Network Effectively This Summer

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Summer is finally here and your weekends will be spent at the water, cooking out, or enjoying time with friends. But when you’re looking for a job, these social engagements can feel frustrating and stressful since you don’t know what you’ll be doing with yourself come Monday morning. But what if you can use the summertime…

Make HR Want to Read Your Cover Letter

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Writing and submitting a cover letter doesn’t do much for your job search if it goes unread. A strong cover letter tells a narrative that your resume can’t include. When you’re applying for your next job, you want to ensure that your letter draws in the readers and encourages them not only to dig deeper…

Should Nurse Practitioners Have Full-Practice Authority?

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The healthcare field has changed dramatically during the last few decades. What was once an industry hierarchy from doctors to nurses is now more blended. Nurse practitioners, medical assistants, and DOs have a hand in giving patients well-rounded care in today’s medical system. There have been some questions raised lately about giving nurse practitioners full-practice authority….

Transition Interns Into Full-Time Roles

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When you search the internet, you are likely to find a lot of information for interns to transition their jobs into full-time positions. However, there is very little on the other end of the spectrum. How does a business or a law firm know when to transition an intern into a full time employee? Here…

Healthcare War on Talent

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Big changes in healthcare and the Affordable Care Act are affecting the way some companies are sourcing and hiring healthcare employees. There is a battle waging among employers when it comes to hiring top talent. How can you be sure that your facility is winning the war? Here are a few ideas to make sure…

Why It is Time For a New Accountant in DC

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As businesses and individuals are working on their tax returns before the mid-April deadline, the accounting industry also begins to see an excellent opportunity to attract new talent. If you are a small but growing business it may be a great time to bring accounting in house. Or, you may need to add staff to…